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used as an interjection or exclamation to note the severe degree to which a someone has been dissed

derived from the posting of iceburn.gif

similar in usage to zing and owned
Alana: I wish I could put myself in your shoes... so that I could walk out into traffic.

Elliott: Ooh, iceburn.gif!!!
by Elliott November 04, 2005
a period of unemployment, often in the form of funemployment, directly following one's graduation from college
The weeks, months, and eventually years following his graduation were filled with binge drinking and loft parties. Nobody was sure quite how this after-school special would end.
by Elliott September 21, 2006
etymology: derived from the phrase "get a late pass" and the term "late pass", forms include "suspension," "suspend" and "suspending"
the consequence of having received numerous late passes over a short enough period of time
Nobody could stand Bill's threads because they were so tired, but he still couldn't understand why everyone hated on him. To clarify, Reu told him, "Bill, you have reposted nearly the entire article archive of The Onion, and I've handed you just as many late passes. In light of this fact alone, you're suspended!"
by Elliott September 09, 2005
function: verb

etymology: portmanteau of gender and generalize

to make an generalization or assumption based on gender
Trying to define the male and female varieties of the netrosexual is useless, and such a line of inquiry may lead one to fallaciously genderalize.
by Elliott October 04, 2005
etymology: the verbal form of the phrase get a late pass and the term late pass
the act of informing one that a piece of information that he or she has presented as new and interesting is, in fact, old and already widely circulated
After Elliott posted about a Snopes article regarding the veracity of a picture of Ohio state sex offender Brian Peppers, Evan latepassed him by pointing out that a link to the article had already been posted, and the article discussed, months ago.
by Elliott September 09, 2005
One with whom friendship is made and maintained mainly through a computer-based form of communication.
Lauren maintained her e-friendship with her keyboard pal Björn well until her 19th year, at which point her travels through Scandinavia brought her to his hometown, where a best-left-forgotten erotic encounter with one of his family's boars left Björn without a home, and Lauren without a keyboard pal.
by Elliott August 11, 2005
male genitals; testicles
I just totally kicked him in the jibblies.
by Elliott May 31, 2004

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