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The norwegian word for candy
Jeg vil ha snop (I wanna candy)
by Elisabeth April 09, 2005
A unique and original nickname for a really weird chick that dresses like a prep but likes stoner-music. She's kind of scary...
"Bizba is a really weird girl"
by Elisabeth November 28, 2004
heroine is derived from the word hero and is hence, un-PC. This requires a new word, shero, a feminist backlash to the traditional heroine, that encompasses a strong woman who was accomplished great things at epic proportions.
Joan of Arc, who burned to death at the stake, was a shero before her time.
by Elisabeth February 15, 2004
The norwegian word for sweden
Jeg skal på ferie til Sverige (I'm gonna for a holiday to Sweden)
by Elisabeth April 09, 2005
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