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The swedish name for Sweden. Pronounced: "sveh-rr-yehh"
Åk du, jag stannar hemma i Sverige istället, planet lär förmodligen krascha ändå, din tönt!


You go, I'll stay home in Sweden instead. The plane will probably crash anyway, you dork!
by Huskun kær January 10, 2006
The activity and/or sound one makes when trying to take a shit whilst maintaining a full erection, especially applicable if one is wearing a top hat.
"I drank so much whiskey last night that this morning, having awoken with wood, I had to run and sverige all over the bathroom."
by cockatoofromimgur January 03, 2013
The norwegian word for sweden
Jeg skal på ferie til Sverige (I'm gonna for a holiday to Sweden)
by Elisabeth April 09, 2005