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opposite of snap, which is said when two things the same are together. this is for when two things which are opposite are together.
'mate, that cheesecake is the most vile thing iv ever tasted!'
'SNOP! it is blatently the best cheesecake to ever have blessed this world!'
by meatymatt February 26, 2006
To "snap wrong", originated from Andrew Hussie's webcomic "Homestuck", and related to his other, stylish suck comic "Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff".
A male tries to snap his fingers but does a SNOP instead.
by Anonymous8932187 November 30, 2013
When you feel the tingle of a sneeze coming on but it never comes. You were going to sneeze but it stopped. You snopped.
I just snopped." "I have to sneeze, I hope it's not a snop.
by BKDM December 28, 2010
The sound a rigid penis makes when snapped.
She grabbed his cock tightly with both hands before snapping it in two - the loud snop it made was a shock to his ears, and Richard screamed in agony.
by Gar-bare November 19, 2013
When everything comes to a standstill because of snow.
snow + stop = snop

Duuude... It snowed yesterday so now there's a giant snop all over the country!
by teapotte December 03, 2010
The liquid left in the bottom of a soda pop or beer bottle, usually warm, flat, and full of spit. Only one person will drink snop. The snop-sucker.
Dude, are you going to finish your beer?

Naw, dump it out it's just snop.
by Steve-o-roni December 17, 2006
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