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82 definitions by Dylan

Smock: another word for smoke, or cigg. Most often used when in the vacinity of other smokers, or smockers.
Hey man, care if I bum a smock.
Wanna chief a smock?
by dylan November 02, 2004
7 18
a fairly amazing band from the kansas city area.
man, i just heard meep at www.meepsite.com and they were fairly amazing!
by dylan January 14, 2004
4 15
a shithole located in the middle of nowhere on the gold coast, australia
headmaster being a piece of fat crap, this school is used to collect white trash of the world
by dylan August 11, 2003
23 35
the uglyest slut face hoe in the world...."I HATE KAITLANN"
kaitlann this is "REEFA" i wrote this cuz u and ur ugly hoe ass friend are slutz............
by dylan October 10, 2004
10 25
telecommunications device used for contacting only members of the same sex, usually for, but not limited to gross anal sex.
I called Jimmy using my homophone, in only minutes we were enjoying sexual acts that we would later spread across the internet to unsuspection young boys.
by Dylan February 22, 2005
12 28
gimme a hit of that krank...playa
by dylan June 16, 2003
13 29
skanking for people on the verge of retarded
"those stupid hardcore kids with tight clothing wouldn't stop hardcore dancing"
by dylan February 24, 2005
27 44