82 definitions by Dylan

a person who likes to rest big black and or mexican penis on his or her forehead in a sexual manner so that the genitals are resting in the man or womans eye pockets, in some cases if a smaller penis the word tinka is applied, usually used as an insult word
That kid Dylan is the biggest tunka ive ever rested my shlong on.
by dylan June 19, 2006
Pimpsta wit lots of hoes
the jigglo was pimpin
by Dylan January 30, 2004
where weasels go when they hibernate
the weasels went to tyuiop!
by Dylan February 25, 2004
The rash a man gets after drity bagelin'
Steve had to take an ice bath to soothe his severe case of bagel burn.
by Dylan April 13, 2005
(The)Pains is a term that describes a person experiencing explosive diarrhea. Usually very painfull and quite often. Occurs mostly after eating spicy food.
Butch ate a spicy habanero taco and then ran to the restroom screaming as he was about to hit the john and have the Pains!
by Dylan January 10, 2005
Any kind of oppression forced on a musical artist and the people who enforce it. Originates from Prince's contractual battles with Warner Bros Records.
"Damn Warner Bros locked us out of Glam Slam again."
by Dylan June 05, 2004
the baddest gang of all...us bloodz will kill them fag ass crabz....its tha blood fo life nigga....
all tha crabz are scared of us bloodz cuz they know we will beat they ass...this is yo boy "REEFA".......
by dylan October 10, 2004

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