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When a gentleman decides he would rather have sex with a bread product than the fat chick he has been set up with, and thus swoops from a vine in order to gank the bagel that Fatty McNochance is about to eat, and proceeds to have his way with it.

See: bagel burn and dirty bagelin'
Gary wasn't about to settle for chub, so he proceeded to execute the infamous "Orangutang Bagel Bang" with lightning speed and incredulous precision.
by Dylan April 13, 2005
a ghetto neighborhood in Reston, VA. mostly blacks and hispanics but has some whites
Shadowood is ghetto
by Dylan June 21, 2004
1. Lead singer of 80's funk band The Time.
2. Lead guitarist of overrated, grungy high school rock band 'Random'.
"Damn Morris Day has taken Pandemonium for lunch again."
by Dylan June 05, 2004
Mountain Unicycle, or mountain unicycling. A unicycle outfitted for offroad and extreme riding. or, The Act of riding a unicycle off-road.
I got a new MUni. I went for for a MUni ride. I went MUniing.
by Dylan December 25, 2002
A pimp with undeniable awesomness
Normile snapped his fingers! Everyone on your knees!
by Dylan February 13, 2005
Definition: a confused chimpanze

Backround: coming from 13th century italian word moukeir meaning confused ape
That fag is such a mooker.

That mooker stole my shotgun.

That mooker got shit everywhere
by Dylan July 23, 2004
The feeling U get when U fall in love, not with a boy or girl but with the heavens above.
"Lovesexy is the one, till my day is done. Hundalasiliah!"
by Dylan June 03, 2004

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