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82 definitions by Dylan

(n). - A damn hott girl with sidebangs!
"Look at that CoCo!"
by Dylan May 09, 2004
To be of the same school of thought as another person, thinking in the same area.
"You think so too? So we're on the same page."
by Dylan June 05, 2004
SoCal alternative metal band responsible for the Michael Jackson cover "Smooth Criminal". Members are Dryden Mitchell (Vocals), Terry Corso (Guitar), Tye Zamora (Bass), and Mike Cosgrove (Drums).
If you want a good band, try listening to Alien Ant Farm.
by Dylan January 02, 2004
A woman that is so striking you're dumbfounded in her presence. So fly that you are stupified.
The girl in my Bio class is stupid fly
by Dylan December 22, 2004
Another name for New York City, five buroughs refers to the five parts of NYC; Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island
The Beastie Boys cut a record named: To the Five Buroughs in respect and tribute to NYC!!
by Dylan September 20, 2005
Any of numerous beetles that characteristically have a downward-curving snout and are destructive to nuts, fruits, stems, and roots.
Damn weevils in my apple!
by Dylan January 10, 2005
Typically someone with notably poor hygiene habits, wearing shirts advertising for bands such as Slipknot, with a distinct odor, who smokes a good deal of marijuana, especially marijuana borrowed from others.
Hey do you smell something? Wow look at the guy with the <i>Disturbed</i> shirt and the long dirty hair over there bumming a joint...
by Dylan July 07, 2004