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A medical slang expression to refer to the typical gallbladder patient: Fat, fortyish, fecund, flatulent female with foul, foaming, floating feces.
Marge was your typical nine F-er: gallbladder problem likely.
by Duckbutt August 26, 2005
A name-killer is a very strong association of a name with an unfortunate or disreputable person or character, with the consequence of the name becoming less popular than before.
Adolf, Elmer, and Cletus are all examples of once more common names that were affected by name-killer associations. It is still open whether Monica will suffer this same effect.
by Duckbutt January 23, 2009
The traditional Mardi Gras circular cake: festively iced with purple, gold, and green frosting. A small bean or plastic doll baby is inserted somewhere in each one. The one who gets this has to provide the king cake next year.
We had the traditional New Orleans king cake. As, as is tradition, it was not very good this year, either. Still, it's a reminder of New Orleans: the best damned city in the country. Even though it's down now, it will come back, so hang loose and let the good times roll.
by Duckbutt February 27, 2006
Synonym for old fart.
Too many university faculty members wind up being superannuated flatuses over time. It's pasture time for them.
by Duckbutt November 20, 2005
This is slang referring to a gunshot wound.
Billy Bob suffered from acute lead poisoning after that fight at the state line last week.
by Duckbutt September 01, 2007
A very disreputable and disgusting person. Any descriptive with the word "turd" can serve to stress the particularly egregious nature of the person's unpleasantness.
The boss made it evident in the relish he took in firing people what a steaming turd he was.
by Duckbutt December 06, 2005
A slang synonym for getting fired.
Wally had second thoughts about his making out with the boss's secretary/mistress in the copy room after he was uninstalled from the Ripoff Systems Analysis Corporation.
by Duckbutt September 25, 2005

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