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55 definitions by Duckbutt

The PITA syndrome refers to a person consistently being a pain in the ass to other people. This term is occasionally used by psychologists to refer to a pattern of being consistently annoying or unpleasant.
Bill went through life consistently manifesting the PITA syndrome.
by Duckbutt September 10, 2004
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That awkward moment when a person realizes that her bikini top has fallen out of place and others are aware of the fact.
In leaping up unto the raft, and seeing bemused stares from the boys, Angel experienced a not unpleasant top-down awareness.
by Duckbutt December 27, 2003
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New Orleans native. From the local greeting, "Where ya at."
Jack could always tell the Mount Carmel charmers; they would go, "Where ya at, Man."
by Duckbutt October 14, 2004
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A belief in the imminent return of Bob Knight to Indiana University; soon to be followed by a National Championship.
Through this overly long Dark Night of the Basketball Soul, Heather was consoled by her Hoosier Sebastianism belief: soon Bob Knight would return; soon the Big Ten forces of evil would be vexed; soon the Red and White would triumph!
by Duckbutt December 28, 2003
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A psychiatric condition in which the affected person suffers from a flawed perception that views some part of the body or physical feature to be defective or unsightly although an objective observer would not share said opinion. While some people assume that female breasts are disproportionately the feature in question, in fact persons with body dysmorphic disorder tend to report dissatisfaction with facial features most frequently.

Body dysmorphic disorder is categorized as one of the Somatoform Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association.
Madeline suffered from body dysmorphic disorder: she thought her cute Gallic nose was an unsightly and grotesquely large beak.
by Duckbutt January 24, 2006
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An occasion where non-alpha males attempt to act more dominant than they are.
Jack's assessment of the Fraternal Order of Fowls meeting: a beta dog dance for middle management aspirants.
by Duckbutt December 27, 2003
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Phonetic spelling of b.s., which is short for "bullshit."
It helps to be a world-class generator of Bravo Sierra if you are a minor university adminostrator.
by Duckbutt October 14, 2004
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