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suckfest, n.

A place, idea, or state of being that completely and utterly sucks.
This class is a total suckfest
by WhoGivesAShit May 22, 2005
A festival of sucking (oral sex) no one is quite sure how many or what type of people constitute a suckfest, the only sure thing we know is that it involves much confusion.
Oh man...I was f-ed up last night. I drank a handle of warm Mr. Boston gin and had a suckfest in the laundromat with a couple of homeless people.
by Steve Jordan May 05, 2006
A plethora of suckage going on in your vicinity.
"My harddrive just caught fire..." "Suck fest."
by DragonicUser February 05, 2005
An unpleasant event in one's life which must be endured as a rite of passage or a badge of honor.

The quality of a person's character is inversely proportionate to the amount they complain during the suckfest.
Mike, "I just found out my unit is going to Iraq for a year."

John, "Fuckin' suck fest!"

Mike, "Yeah."
by dooshkanew September 11, 2009
When a group of 3 or more people, mainly just those of the male sex engage in sexual acts involving sucking and regurgitating of seamen. Also can be used as a word that is yelled when a teacher leaves the classroom, usually by a black kid.
Teacher:"looks like we have exams today, we're all going to be in here for 3 hours today."
Doug:"Looks like it's time for a suckfest!"
by Patrick James February 07, 2008
Place in which massive amounts of adult beverages are consumed and various adult activities take place in seclusion from outsiders. Usually filled with varied male occupants who represent hiphop to the fullest.
"Yo fellas, I'm heading to the suckfest!"
by Stu Gotti August 10, 2007
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