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55 definitions by Duckbutt

Scheissenbedaurn is the vague sense of disappointment that something thought to be really bad or in awful taste turns out to be not as bad as expected. (From the German, meaning literally: "shit-regret")
I left concerts by the Dixie Chicks and by Britney Spears with a vague sense of scheissenbedaurn. They merely mildly sucked, but neither was the world-class suckfest I longed for. The same thing cannot be said about the enormity that is a Barbra Streisand concert.
by Duckbutt October 26, 2006
A great beer produced by the Abita Brewery in Abita Springs, Louisiana that really kicks ass.
Jambalaya almost demands some Turbo Dog with it.
by Duckbutt March 04, 2006
Using a seismic method for exploring for oil that entails setting off explosions at measured intervals and recording the shock waves' passage through different strata.
Bill spent the summer doodlebugging with a seismic crew off the Great Barrier Reef.
by Duckbutt July 11, 2005
A condition of being extremely ugly.
That dog is butt-ugly.
by Duckbutt May 26, 2006
A person's remoras are a personal retinue of sycophants that maintain the fragile esteem of an important person and bask in that person's reflected glory. They do not serve some instrumental purpose. such as bodyguards or assistants, but are merely a mobile personal cheering squad.
You can always expect that stars and media celebrities with have their remoras in tow.
by Duckbutt April 12, 2006
This is the plight occasionally experienced by lower-level college administrators such as department or division chairs in which they are on a short leash as to what they can do, are regularly given a ration of shit, and are kept in the dark.
No budget, no instructions, no discretion or wiggle room; Bill has been consigned to mushroom status and regular Friday afternoon meetings.
by Duckbutt September 07, 2005
Something that cannot be overlooked because it is so much larger and more impressive than any of the others.
When it came to rock music groups, the Rolling Stones are the 400 pound gorilla: the quinitessinally best of them all.
by Duckbutt January 06, 2007