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This is slang referring to a gunshot wound.
Billy Bob suffered from acute lead poisoning after that fight at the state line last week.
by Duckbutt September 01, 2007
In negotiations or in a hierarchy, this is a strategy of holding back the commitment of some resources. The plan is that they might be subsequently required by a customer or superior and, when provided, gives them the sense that they have gained a considerable concession. This is named after Gypsy Rose Lee (1911-1970), American ecdysiast (stripteaser), who advised a stripper to pretend that she had completed her disrobing but still had one or more garments that could be removed and had been planned to do so. This caused the customers to clamor for her to remove more, and when she would seemingly reluctantly did so, it would, give them the sense of having gotten something extra.
On my original proposal, I used the Gypsy Rose Lee strategy by not listing some things that were planned because I knew that they would be requested and I wanted to give the impression of them having gained some big concessions.
by Duckbutt January 25, 2007
Military slang for aides of general officers.
Bill served as General B. Fuddle's dog robber while on post.
by Duckbutt August 23, 2005
A dysphemism for the military overseas cap.
A yardbird wears his cunt cap tilted toward the back in trying to look cool.
by Duckbutt February 08, 2006
This refers to the results of making flatuses while taking a bath.
After dining royally on pinto beans, Hector took a New Jersey bubble bath.
by Duckbutt December 30, 2007
A style of French popular music of the 1960's sung by solo girl singers. Major performers included Françoise Hardy ("Tous les Garcons et les Filles," "Ton Meilleur Ami"), Sylvie Vartan, Chantal Goya, and France Gall ("Sacré Charlemagne," "Poupeé de Son"). Several of the better yéyé songs were written by Serge Gainsbourg (e.g., "Les Succettes," a naughty confection about what kind of lollipops Annie REALLY likes) and "Baby Pop," both sung by France Gall. Many of the yéyé genre were French language covers of American songs; but some of the best-loved ones were written by Françoise Hardy as her own material and covered such themes as loneliness, unrequited love, the passing of time, and the sometimes treachery of best friends.
French yéyé music never caught on big in the United States due both to the language barrier and to the simultaneous British invasion of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
by Duckbutt March 21, 2006
An awdoc is a university student who discovers at about ninety percent of the way through a semester that he (rarely she) is making a poor grade and asks for some slack on the course grade or deadlines for term papers. Awdocs are so-called because of their characteristic distress call, "Aww Doc!"
Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and the awdocs will discover that time is running out for them. I must purchase two boxes of Puffs for them and replenish the Jack Daniel's for myself!
by Duckbutt September 30, 2005
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