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The combination of the words porn and portable. Definition: the ability to carry your porn with you.
You say "Hey, with this new Pornable USB drive I can carry my porn with me, whenever and wherever I may need it." Friend says, "Dude, can I borrow it". You say "Get your own, tard!"
by Doctoroctos December 07, 2005
When you leave your USB drive in your pocket and wash your clothes. The drive typically works, smells fresh, and still has the same crap stored on it.
Damn i left my thumb drive in my pocket. I guess I am into USB laundering. I should throw my hat into the USB mob.
by doctoroctos November 12, 2008
A polite way of refusing to see a horrible movie. You will eventually be forced to watch that horrible movie on a long, boring airline flight.

The worst is when you are forced to watch a horrible movie on a flight the second time.
Buddy: “Hey, do you want to watch that new Mummy 6 movie.”
You: “No, I am going to save it for the plane.”
Buddy: “Oh….OK”
by Doctoroctos April 04, 2009
The people who work slower than you. If a layoff happens you can feel confident that you are secure because these people will act as a layoff buffer.
I am not worried about a layoff because Ron still works here and he is my Layoff Buffer.
by doctoroctos September 29, 2010
Someone from Taiwan who constantly whines that they aren't Chinese. When everyone knows there is no difference.
me - "Hey Shaonung, you are Chinese, what’s the Chinese word for this?” (takes finger to outer edge of eye and pulls towards temple)
Shaonung - "I am not Chinese, I AM Taiwanese!"
me - "You are a Taiwhine-ese, give it a rest”
by doctoroctos November 26, 2008

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