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When an individual is really pissed off at someone or something.
Wow! The boss sure has a case of the red ass today. He just fired Immanual.

Who gave John the case of the red ass?
by Digger August 21, 2005
That which hangs from a dog's ass in extremely cold weather.
That maingy mutt needs a cut! Look at all those shit sickles hanging from his ass!
by digger January 02, 2005
A turd left in the toilet.
OK, who left the shit pickle in the punch bowl again!
by Digger September 02, 2005
a vigina that is carrying a host of diseases.
Make sure you have plenty of protection because Gina gots the twat rot again.
by Digger September 03, 2005
Carpet Farmer A term used by crack addicts. When an addict smokes up all of his rock he starts looking for pieces or (crumbs) in the carpet to smoke.
Franklin had it happen'n over at his place last night. Yea I heard he had a couple of carpet farmers hanging around in the morning looking for some crumbs. Oh yea Franklin had to kick their asses out big time!
by Digger October 03, 2006
Refering to a gal who likes to perform oral sex with special emphasis on the scrotum.
There goes Jizzet the nut gargler, ya Terell must have the cleanest balls in town.
by Digger August 09, 2005
A girl who who likes to swallow the man juice.
Judy is having a party on Friday! I hope she keeps that jiz queen sister of hers locked up and away from my man!
by Digger September 02, 2005

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