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more commonly refered to the male role of a lesbian partnership.
There goes that wolf puss all dressed up like a lumber jack!
by Digger August 09, 2005
When a person pours on the cheap colgne or perfume and thinks they smell fine.
Holy Buckets! Jane's back to using that weasel stank again. Damn.
by Digger September 02, 2005
To be in a very positive state of mind. Happy go lucky, a smile on your face, a spring in your step, high on life, the
devil may care attitude.

excited, playfull, unflapable
Chris: Sure looks like Bob and Annete are Walking On Diamonds today.

Paula: Yea they were supposed to be at my party last night. But it looks like they had one of their own instead!

Chris: Ohhh yah.
by Digger November 01, 2006
How an inbred would refer to a tomatoe.
Hey Zeb pass me the tomayters and don't be shy with those taters and gravey either.
by Digger September 03, 2005
The part of the female body that makes a grown man crazy for.
Lisa has a fine sweet stanky thang.
by Digger September 03, 2005
A slang term referring to a mans penis.
Rufus tried to get me to go down on his pearl squirter. I told him he best talk to his hand because my mouth wasn't listening!
by Digger September 02, 2005
A girl who has sex with many partners in the course of a week without taking a shower, nor feels the need for one. Hard to distinquish between day old clams and fish bait left out in the sun.
DAMN...that Lola's been serviceing the armed forces again! You can smell that stinch queen clear down by the boats!
by Digger July 11, 2005

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