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The secretion produced by the female while having sex with her male partner.
I was playing the mating game with Lois all last night. You know, doing that wild thang. Damn if I didn't get her monkey sauce all over the insides of my new tighty whities.
by Digger April 12, 2006
Normaly asked when questioning some one at the front door or on the phone.
George: Did you hear the door bell ring?

Adam: Ya, who be dat?
by Digger September 02, 2005
A slang term for marijuana or the herb.
Mark gave Tim some of that giggle weed and he ate the whole bag of sweet snacks.
by Digger September 29, 2005
One who runs off with anothers man.
That stank bitch best keep run'n, because shes off with my man Robert.
by Digger July 11, 2005
STINK BAG The act of having sex with multiple stank whores or having sex with your sheep in the barn. Thus creating a mighty stench on the old nut bag.
Holy G's Rastus done got himself a terrific case of the stink bag again. Must have been down at the farm...OHH YAH!
by Digger October 02, 2006
slang for ho the door
The elevator was about to close when the elderly gentleman started shouting ho de door you jazz holes!
by Digger September 03, 2005
Referring to someone who is really high or drunk.
We had to take Riley home early last might, he was really stewd fruit.
by Digger September 02, 2005

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