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What men often experience during a woman's menopause.
A sudden interruption in thought or loss of the thought entirely.
"I am having/experiencing mental pause."

"Sorry! mental pause."
by Delmuire February 02, 2010
kid who can't hold their pee
You little pee pot!!
by Delmuire April 28, 2010
The dog familiar of a darkling. Term used for dog owned by fans of Shirley Manson or Garbage.
Shriley' Manson's "barkling" rides along on the tour bus.
by Delmuire June 25, 2012
Laugh Shrugg Bail
Did he give you an answer? No he did a LSB.
by Delmuire August 19, 2010
An overly developed child. A muscular one year old featured on Jerry Springer.
That muscular baby is a product of an overbearing father.
by Delmuire December 22, 2009
When someone "toots" a few short ones in a row and then blames them on the "Florida barking spiders."
Oh! humm musta been those Florida barking spiders!
by Delmuire December 23, 2009
The ants found in hot summers crawling around the toilet.

Also an expression meaning little trouble making kids.
Don't let the piss ants bite ya.

Those little piss ants stole my lawn ornament!
by Delmuire December 23, 2009

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