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adj. Stressful. Does not know when something is truely important. Small events cause stress to build until a breakdown happens. After a breakdown a short period of fatigue and low stress can be exhibited. Opposite of low strung
Tony: Damn, my Mom is freakin high strung as hell! She called me the anti-christ.
Matt: She needs to take a chill pill.
by def May 22, 2005
adj. Not susceptible to stress. Easy going. Knows what is important and what is not. Deals with pressure well. Calm.
People at work are mean to Shirley.
Shirley thinks about the problem logically.
She talks to the people being mean and tells them, calmly, that she does not appreciate the way they are treating her.
by def May 22, 2005
A sneaky butcher is a ghey man.

The kind who takes his meat round the back.
OMG he's a sneaky butcher?
by def November 03, 2003
noyce, adj. - nice if said by a dutchman or an aussie. cockney or phoenetic pronunciation
Jay: Yo! Check out my new altezza lights!
Tony: Noyce, noyce....
by def June 16, 2004
A seldom used synonym of tight. Using it in conversation often confuses the listener for a moment. The word "taut" is widely known but will make you seem different if used in a sentence.
Tony: Hey, look... That girl has that taut badunkadunk butt like you like.
Ira: Damn, I'd like to pull up to that bumper and slap that monkey!
by def May 20, 2005
The word "tight," pronounced phonetically as a Dutchman, Australian, or Englishman may say it.
Jay: Hey dude, look at this sweet ass armor!
Tony: Oh, toyt.
by def April 04, 2005
noun - one of the elements contributing to the enjoyment geeks experience when creating or implementing technology
Wilbur: Tony, why are you making that? You know it's already been done.
Tony: Maybe I can do it better plus don't forget the geek factor.
by def September 13, 2008
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