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n. A mother that you have credit with willing to lend or give money. Sometimes easier than asking a father.
Tim: You got that rent you owe me?
Tony: Nah bro, sorry.
Tim: Dude, I need it or I can't pay my car payment!
Tony: Okay, I gotta hit up the MomTM then.
by def July 07, 2006
Something that is not very good/useful.
"That new book I bought was pretty pants."


"Remember that game I downloaded? It's pants."
by Def August 08, 2004
archaic slang; A sword or dagger carried by a ruffian in the days of olde.
Henceforth, upon entrance to ye' olde pub you must sheath your piece!
by def June 02, 2004
Manhattan New York
He ran the island in 89'
by def November 07, 2003
n. A metaphorical device in which a cockblocker uses to call another person on to accidentally or intentionally prevent a hook up.
(Tony is laying down the mac on a lady.)

Tony: So, I was descending Everest when I saw found an antique camera burried in the snow. It was pretty rad.
Tanya: Really? That's awesome. Was there film in it?
Tony: Yeah, I developed it the other...
(Jay interupts)
Jay: Dude, I'm so wasted! LOL
Jay: Yo, isn't that that one chick you boned last week?
Jay: *burp*
Tanya: *sigh*
(Tanya leaves abruptly)
Tony: Bro, why you gotta call me on the cb radio?
Jay: What?
by def August 09, 2006
a retarded word meaning drunk and crazy initiated by possibly the worst "rapper" in the history of the world, besides Vanilla Ice, Lil John, who is only capable of sayin 3 words, which makes it all the more amazing that he came up with such a stupid word.
Yea! Ok! Whaaat! Crunk! Duuuhhh...
by def July 27, 2004

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