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The ultimate goal that you set for yourself; one that has many obstacles in the way of achieving, however, once achieved the reward is great.

"That girl is my everest"
"Sitting on that toilet is my everest"

Ex. Having a crush on a boy/girl that's older than you in highschool and you never thought you were going to be able to have a date with them/see them..etc etc...
then it happens. You just climbed your everest.
by Jaeck August 04, 2006
A really tall person.
What's up Everest?

How's the weather up there Everest?
by poniprincess August 16, 2005
1) Unorganized Institution. An office or school that has no communication between staff, students, employers, etc.

2) A group of schools or businesses getting shut down due to being dropped on their butt by its owner company, low customers, bad reviews. Dave Ramsey couldn't help.
1) Wow, just got out of a meeting... i swear, so everest, i don't even know what it was about.

2) Dude, Phoenix online is totally going to pull an everest.
by jackie_0 September 02, 2014
A really smart wanna-be man whore. Generally has a pretty large ego, but is still a nice person.
Dude, that guy is such a dick!
Nah, when you get to know him he's just an Everest.
by $5Whore March 11, 2011
A form of getting high off continuous laughter, as if on everest and short of breath
" hey lets have some everest!"

"hey .... that everests pretty cool"

by Joneskid53 March 14, 2007
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