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21 definitions by DeeJay

a dime bag of weed from da dopeboi!
i aint got no mo nicks, jus dino's
by deejay March 08, 2005
Slang for everything is all right. Commonly used when mouth is full of marbles or peanuts, or just lazy and don't want to say all right.
You get the new Yanni CD? That shit is aw'ight!
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
(noun, Australian) Generic term referring to some exceedingly excellent thing.
(thirsty bloke, upon finding a cold beer in the back of the 'fridge)... "You little bee-oo-tee"
by DeeJay February 24, 2004
To grab a cigarette with a friend, used mainly when a person who you want to keep you habit a secret.

For heaven's sake, don't forget your mit! or just say you're using your friends mit...
Yo Jon! Wanna have a baseball catch? Ma, I'll be back in a little while.
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
Your typically joe (non celebrity/famous) who does something good.
You went down on Betty last nite? Dude, you're a Rock Star.
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
Word I used in scatteragories for a male name beginning with the letter 'G'. They didn't let me use it.
Gappy turned his attention to the world and proclaimed victory!
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
Term used to describe marijuana after Memorial day and before Labor day, hence summer.
After I get my ocean breeze, I won't even remember this summer!
by DeeJay December 12, 2003