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playing traunt, skipping school, missing lessons, can also apply to religious lessons
adam: i didnt see you in maths man?!
z: screw maths, i was bunking man, i went down my mates yard to watch the exorcist!
adam: cool!
(the next day)
teacher: z, why did you bunk maths yesterday?
z: coz i felt like it, what the hell are you gonna do?
teacher: ummm.....
by ismail February 10, 2005
The little brother of docking, bunking is when two or more people pull their butt cheeks apart and rub butt holes together.
Man, that was some epic bunking last night.
by HkyDan7 April 02, 2011
Smelly,Horrible Stench
Girl:Ima Take off my shoe
Boy:Please Dont!
BOy: Your Feet are bunking! :D
BOy:Your feet Bunks so much it makes bacon sizzle.
by Unanmous June 09, 2011
doin something, anything in surplus
man i was liftin weights, i was str8 bunking.

i sold all my shit, i was bunking on yall boyz
by deejay January 15, 2004
A Woman's bum against a man's junk. Formerly known as spooning!
Spooning - a woman laying behind a man snuggling
I am bunking my husband right now.
by Liz Crites February 03, 2008
1. Adding credibility to a hypothesis or myth
2. Bonin'
1. "Yo Jake, I saw an alligator in the sewer, just like the old myth."
"Whoa, bunk it up!"
2. Me and Lucie were bunking all night and now that bitch can't walk straight
by Ludate December 02, 2003

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