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472 definitions by David

1. Having characteristics of or pertaining to a douche.

2. Sucky.
The Padres sure are douchey.

Dude, that was a douchey thing you just did.
by David July 22, 2003
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A five pointed star witha circle around it. These can either be pointing up or down, depending on religion. An upright star is used mainly by wicca, but it was also used as a christian symbol, in christianity its meaning is of the five scars of Jesus. One on each arm and leg and one on his side.The only band to my knowledge that uses this symbol is the hard rock band Godsmack. An inverted star is used in Satanism. It represents either pointing toward Hell or a goats head (depending on how you look at it.) Some heavy metal bands such as Slayer and the newer Drowning pool use this symbol.
For a more in-depth look at the pentagram and its many meanings, visit www.religioustolerance.org/wic_pent.html
by David April 16, 2005
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jocular abbr. for little brown fucking machine, apparently coined to refer to Vietnamese and other Asian female prostitutes during the Vietnam War, but now reserved almost exclusively for compliant Filipinas and Indonesians, whether professional or not. Frequently used in Hong Kong, but never for male sexual partners.
'You should try the Neptune II in Wanchai if you're looking for a Filipina or Indonesian takeaway. On Sunday afternoons the place is full of lbfms.'
by David December 18, 2003
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To be beyond simple intoxication. Loud, rambunctious and incoherent speech is usually present, as well as a sever lack of balance. Can easily lead to vomiting.
Dude, you were so shmammered last night you didn't know your own name and puked all over the place
by David July 07, 2004
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putting oneself in a position where you are open to ridicule

also: clowning; to bring ridicule upon someone
he was completely clowned when he posted those n00dz of himself.
by david January 19, 2004
161 46
phonetic varation of "idiot" commonly spoken in ireland and some parts of uk
ye feckin ejit

Comment submitted: "I don't want to add another definition because this is the best. Having said that I, of course, don't want to delete it!!

I'd like to add 'ye daft ejit' as an alternative example for this definition. It was the most common 'ejit' phrase when I was growin up."
by david July 24, 2003
158 44
Latin King saying. Love from king.
Latin King 1: Die for this shyt.
Latin King 2: For real, AMOR DE REY.
by David January 16, 2005
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