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472 definitions by David

A really uncomfortable and hot vehicle.
They had to ride the school bus to school.
by David December 09, 2003
A Nigger faster than the average Nigger.
"Damn that nigger is fast ,David, " "Yup, he's a turbo nigger, Sebastian".
by david June 18, 2006
A bus; also known as Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta
I'll take the Marta to work today.
by David April 25, 2003
Journalists who chase celebrities. (This is a mainstream word but submitted as a subtle variation from ambulance chaser.)
Princess Di was killed in an auto accident while being chased by paparazzi.
by David October 13, 2003
Best Team to ever grace baseball as well as any other sport, won the world series 4x and participated in it 9 times, but has had one of the best records all time, in the lst decade they have not been fairing well to say the least but they showed they were on the rebound in '04, and should go far in '05, aka the pussycats when they are doing poorly,
The Detroit Tigers rock, everyone is wearing the old english D.
Hey are the Tigers going to the playoffs this year? You better count on it!
by David March 19, 2005
A mmorpg that seems to be attracting alot of controversy these days. Apparently addictive, but only if you have the will-power of a pet rock. Has a 15 dollar monthly fee, which is chump change if you're actually out of grade school and have a job. Even a minimum wage one will do. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible to carry on a normal life while actively playing this game. You can even reach the maximum level, because the game is so fast paced. Truly one of the best games ever if you are into online gaming and role playing strategy games.
"Hey man, you wanna play WoW for a while? I got some time to kill."

"Nah, I can't right now, I'm going to the gym with Jen in a few minutes. Have fun though"
by David March 26, 2005
Slang for dollars
It costs ten thousand bucks to buy that car.
by David January 15, 2004