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"Fucked", the watered down way. Used by people afraid to cuss, usually.
"Dude... that's effed up..."
by Doa October 29, 2003
In between "fuckin" and "effin". A term used in the classroom or where your not allowed to cuss.
"This class is frikkin boring!"
by Doa October 29, 2003
A form of "y'all" (A southern US word for "you all") used by people who generally cannot type on the net. Another word for "you guys".
Hay yawl, wazzup?
by Doa July 23, 2003
Spammy assbucket who spams the aim chatroom with random things
ChoppedKat: I
ChoppedKat: M
ChoppedKat: ME
ChoppedKat: you are stalking ,me or what?
by DOA January 25, 2004
1. A wimp
2. An incompetent person
3. Some one being unreasonably unintelligent.
"That gayass couldn't do it."
by Doa July 23, 2003
A druggie, someone who takes overdoses of medication, usually over-the-counter. Usually a depressed loser.
"She is such a pill popper- she acts like she's stoned all the time..."
by Doa October 29, 2003
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