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Call centers and contact centers seem to take great delight in moving their people around before they have a chance to get comfortable in one place thus moving their agents to a new desk location on an ad hoc basis. Office amnesia is simply a temporary state of forgetfullness where you can't remember where you are sitting and end up turning back to go a different route. Its duration commonly lasts only a couple of seconds but very irritating. This usually follows a visit to the bathroom, vending machine, printer or photocopier.
Me: You look lost
Sam: I can't remember where i'm sitting now i've moved desks
Me: That's Office Amnesia - its only temporary... until you move desks again.
by Cyberwulf July 21, 2012
The lack of exercise caused by being on a portable game device or smart phone for extended periods of time. Typically Apple or Blackberry users
You're looking a bit weighty. Have you been doing any exercise?

...Only thumb exercises
by Cyberwulf July 14, 2012
Cat-top is a term used to refer to a laptop computer that attracts your cat to sit on top of it usually whilst it's in use due to the heat that's generated from it.
Where's your laptop computer - I need to use it.
Its now a cat-top as the cat uses it instead to sit on.
by Cyberwulf October 24, 2014
to boot up your pc only to find Vista locking you out of certain functions
My pc has vistacized me from using MSN. I'll have to shut down and start again.
by Cyberwulf September 09, 2008
Acronym to use for someone who typically should have left work by now. Log Off and Fuck Off Home
I'm done with work today... Time for me to LOFOH
by Cyberwulf March 01, 2016
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