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ad hoc comes from Latin and it means "for this", "created for a cetain purpose". When someone comes up with a reason not to do something or to support an opinion.
He hadn`t thought about the matter before, so when we talked he gave me an ad hoc reply.
by Malika August 06, 2004
A computer network consisting of a computer to computer connection, as opposed to computer-(router/hub/...)-(other computers)
I use an ad hoc connection to transfer files from my laptop to desktop.
by Michael Lawson June 15, 2004
All-Day Hold'em Obsessive Challenge
Starting tomorrow, at 3:30pm, I will begin my ADHOC.
by glopo July 25, 2006
Mutual masturbation.
Chris and John came into work with sore arms because of a crazy ad-hoc session last night.
by sexytokyoboyz June 05, 2007
a bull shit commitee that a large corporations create to pander to their employees.
I have to sit on that bull shit employee retention ad hoc commitee
by Wade McIntyre November 27, 2004