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50 definitions by Crystal

J.J. Redick is the hottest thing to hit Duke in YEARS!!! The only reason why people hate him is because he is white, can drain 3's in EVERYONE'S face and because he is TOTALLY hot!! And the girls love him so of course everyone is jealous and of course he has a HOT body!! Plus he plays for Duke--so everything is PERFECTin J.J.'s world!! :)
Awesome shooter, wonderful guy, HOT and SEXY, really nice guy, best basketball player ever!!
by Crystal March 29, 2004
198 192
anna nicole smiths former weight
where did all the fat go? hmmmmm.......
by crystal June 03, 2004
85 81
a.Extraordinary intellectual and creative power.
2. a.Capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy.
Cistle is extraordinary intellectual when it comes to being intellectual.
by Crystal December 11, 2003
6 2
1.)The word that is printed on the flags that pop out of guns in cartton shows.
2.)see sex
3.) The noise a gun makes, unless it is the mp5 weapon of choice, or it has a silencer. :-)
Bang! The man heard the gunshot through the closed door.
by Crystal October 15, 2003
6 4
A mix between friggin awesome.
That shirt is Frossem
by Crystal December 29, 2004
2 1
a big or giant size penis
gay guy 1:man dude ur man ham is to big to fit im my anus
gay guy 2:shit is is a real live man ham isnt it
by crystal December 28, 2004
9 9
A combination of four STD's.
"Oh my god! She's such a slut she must have gonosypilherpalaids."
"Yeah, she must be a walking STD."
by Crystal May 12, 2005
4 5