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person who girls with no lives obsess over. they have no chance with this person, but will not take this for an answer. instead they continue to fantasize about trips they will take with this person and times they will get to see him.

"omg, look its fabio!"
"*drooling* we have no chance with him, but lets make a secret plan to take him away with us on a trip"
by MRRTortoizee! March 25, 2009
An extremely popular Italian supermodel with long lucious blonde hair and a nicely built tan body. Classified as every woman's "dream man" and written about in romance novels.
"If you could marry any man in the world, who would you choose?"

by Kate-ness August 24, 2008
Fabio is an Italian guy that every girl is in love with but cannot have him. His heart belongs to one girl and they hate her and to top it off, she isn't Italian! These girls go out of their way to make trouble for Fabio's girl because they are jealous and envious. Too bad for them!
"Hey, does that Fabio have a girl friend?"

Yes, that is Fabio's girl there and we all hate her!
by fabio101 December 06, 2010
(Sexual Position)
Pleasuring a partner (preferably female) anally while placing
your hands on opposite ass cheeks in criss-cross fashion
Guy #1:Did you see how Celia was walking today?
Guy #2:Yeah looks like Big Jim introduced her to Mr. Fabio last night!
by cbray August 13, 2007

1) (of a bird) the act of flying, unprovoked and inexplicably, into something it should never have any contact with (i.e. your face)

2) to get hit in the face with any live flying object (i.e. insect, flung cat, etc.)

3) to throw something at someone's head in an attempt to hit them in the face

4) to inadvertently hit someone in the face with something you've thrown
1) We were going down Hines Drive at one in the morning when a duck totally fabioed my best friend's car.

2) My mom was on her bike on campus and got fabioed by a big junebug.

3) My husband said he couldn't see the dirty diaper on the floor, so I fabioed him with it.

4) The wind caught my cigarrette butt as I pitched it out and I ended up fabioing myself.
by AKC April 25, 2005
The awkward turtle.
*boy drama*
Claudia: Fabio is swimming across the Atlantic right now!
Daryll: Not again..
by FABIO!! November 25, 2010
(noun) an insulting term meaning self loving cock-sucker who believes he is the centre of the world (fabio centric world map). Used as a name that the target shouldnt find out about.

origins in Fabio Lanzoni the model
fabio hater: Fabio, so hot right now.... man I hate him so much
by Padre March 14, 2008
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