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To Have Cyber Sex Through Methods of a cel phone.
Bob>Take Your Pants Off
Shirley> Are You Stroking It?
Bob>I'm setting the phone down to now.
Shirley>Ok, text me when your done.
by Crystal April 16, 2005
Something you can say, instead if "shit" or "damn" or that kind if comment.
Man: You just got an F on your report David. You Suck.
David: Cheesey Biscuts!
by Crystal February 08, 2005
banging, sucking, or eating outside of wedlock.
Trina gives headto Leeroy at the movies.
by Crystal January 30, 2004
getto chicks that sell their refrigerators and drive camaros
Bahkaw (noise that a getto bird makes)
by crystal January 06, 2004
means alomst the same as fantastic but better, like a bomb exploding
The sex i had with Britney was bombastic! mmmm...
by Crystal May 01, 2004
lowly language used by members of the pleasure-lovin race who once had tress as roof over their heads(in this case, leaves).Also, they had always been fond of petty theft.With many other factors,they have managed to secure the lowest position for their community in any modern society, unless otherwise its their own homogeneous society.
stealing rojak from the coffee-shop.
by crystal March 11, 2004
a line on an globe that splits between continents and the north and the south .
My teacher showed us the equater on an globe.
by crystal August 22, 2003

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