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when ur brain is laughing at ur own stupidity...
a brain freeze, u get it but u just keep drinking
by crystal August 02, 2004
Someone who is unlike anyone else. Someone perfect in every single way. He doesn't care what people think and lives life to the fullest. People wanna be like him, Crystal worships him and at the sound of his name, people bow down.
Milam is the best guy in the world and is very loveable and perfect in my eyes.
by Crystal February 12, 2004
1. A folk singer or musician.

2. One who is an enthusiast of folk music.
Your girlfriend's dragging you to Ani Defranco? That concert's full of lesbians and folkies!
by Crystal June 16, 2006
*Typical "Italian-fantasy-guy" name
*The first love that some girl met in an art museum in Italy when she was 16. Follows him around the world via e-mails to meet agin 4 years later in New York like in the movie "An Affair to Remember"...only without the crippled legs.
*also see; "Fabio"...twin brother with Typical "Italian-fantasy-guy" name.
crystal~"oh, that's a picture of Claudio". Heidi~"wow, he's hot...does he have a brother?" Crystal~"Yeah, his name is Fabio" Heidi~"I wanna go to Italy!"
by Crystal May 19, 2004
Best fucking band ever.
treble charger fucking rocks.
by Crystal August 02, 2003
Banks is really nice. He kills me when he's crakin on people. He spits pure venom on the mic. He's very advanced n people will notice his talent quickly. His voice is sexy too. People will be able to notice him on tracks easily.
His free styles when he talked about how ulgy the P miller sneaker was.
by Crystal March 15, 2004
anna nicole smiths former weight
where did all the fat go? hmmmmm.......
by crystal June 03, 2004
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