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a half-erect penis. combination of "semi" and "boner." see also partial
"I would totally get up to change the channel but I've got a soner."
by Cosmo April 29, 2004
When a woman who is either overweight to begin with, or who has recently gained weight, shows off or brags/complains about the size of her breasts.

Though it's seldom intentional on the part of the "cheater", all girls who have large breasts due to excess adipose tissue throughout their bodies are (rather chauvansitically) said to be "cheating".
Morgana: Man, this top totally shows off my 44F rack. I am so unbelievably sexy.

Kevin: No, you're so blatantly cheating.
by cosmo November 03, 2006
Anal sex, derived from the Bunga Joke.
bunga bunga bunga bunga
and then they raped him up the ass.
by cosmo March 20, 2004
Money's most powerful ability is to allow bad people to continue doing bad things at the expense of those who don't have it.
money is an (un)neccessary evil. see: anarchy
by Cosmo December 24, 2003
condoms. a variant of jim-jams
"You need some jimjams, man?"

"No, dude. And besides, they're "jim-jams."
by Cosmo January 03, 2005
Inserting a beer or other alcoholic beverage into a glove or similarly innocent object for the purpose of inconspicuous consumption. Frequently used at public activities to dodge open container, public intoxication and underaged drinking laws.
Kevin: Dude, why are you drinking out of that glove?

Chris: So that cop over there doesn't arrest me for an open container violation. It's called gloving.
by cosmo November 03, 2006
Conjunction said in unison, usually followed by Faggot. Also see OC Fag or JT. Named for Jason Tesoriero, because Jayza...Faggot!
(Altogether) Jayza...Faggot!
by Cosmo January 06, 2005

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