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The gynecological instance then the vaginal walls of an older women fuse due to lack of sexual activity
Ms. Smith, you can get dressed. fortunately, your condition is not serious and will not require surgery. Your early onset AARP hymen can be alleviated through the adoption of sexual relations or the purchase of a vibrator.
by Coining Buttress October 26, 2010
To recap information that is useless, inane or simply bad.
"Thank you for wasting the last ninety minutes of my life with that ridiculous presentation, and then having the gall to "recrap" it for us"
by Coining Buttress October 18, 2011
The act of accidentally and prematurely shaving off facial hair because you adjusted the electric trimmer to the wrong setting
I had a beard miscarriage. Meant to trim it and ended up shaving off a strip, so I had to take the whole thing off.
by Coining Buttress January 25, 2011
The Houdini of poo: When a poop falls into the toilet bowl but magically disappears by making its way to the pipe before flushing.
"Everything come out ok?"

"Yeah I had a great poop, but a little disconcerting. Looked in the bowl and it was nowhere to be found."

"Ah...the Great Poohdini!"
by coining buttress April 28, 2014
Sympathy for a sexual partner's impotency.
"How was your hot date with Geof?"

"It started out well, but ended up being an evening of tears and limpathy because he couldn't get it up."
by Coining Buttress October 18, 2011
The acceptable length of a message being sent via Blackberry defined by three strokes of the thumb while scrolling.
"Did you get Mike's rambling email last night? I stop reading after the first five paragraphs. I have a strict three-stroke limit when it comes to reading mail on my Blackberry."
by Coining Buttress September 22, 2011

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