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When a person begins to sympathetically develop a fake limp after spending too much time with a person that has a real limp.
That girl has limpathy for her friend with the hurt leg.
by JaKevin Woo June 18, 2014
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Having a lack of understanding, empathy or sympathy for a person, situation or feeling.
My friend had only limpathy for the situation they put us in.
by Buffnuggle January 11, 2010
Sympathy for a sexual partner's impotency.
"How was your hot date with Geof?"

"It started out well, but ended up being an evening of tears and limpathy because he couldn't get it up."
by Coining Buttress October 18, 2011
When a woman tells a guy it's just one of those things when he can't get it up, and actually believes it.
Clive: Shit Mavis, it won't stay hard.
Mavis: It's Ok Clive, I've always had limpathy for guys that can't get it up after seeing my clam. It's a scary one afterall.
by Mavis Clam April 11, 2011

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