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When a unibrow is so thick that it becomes a mustache on the forehead.
"I have to go trim my forestache so it stops rubbing on the top of my glasses."
by CocoSantango February 23, 2010
A deadly combination of sexually transmitted diseases.
I wouldn't have sex with her in a million years, I'll end up catching herpesgonosyphillaids.
by CocoSantango September 18, 2010
When a gay man's full beard gets ejaculated on by many men, making it appear as if he has icicles in his beard like he had been exploring in the arctic.
After seven guys popped their loads on Chuck's beard, he looked like an ice climber.
by CocoSantango August 16, 2010
The act of sandwiching two or more individual meals together to create one huge meal.
KFC is food stacking with it's new double down chicken sandwich. Something like that should get your picture on the wall while smiling and wearing a bib.
by CocoSantango September 06, 2010
When one person packs their ass crack with peanut butter or another tasty substance, and then their partner dredges it out with their tongue.
After Joe and Bill got done blowing each other, they got out the peanut butter in preparation for a hot dredging session.
by CocoSantango July 18, 2010
When someone sends you something cool over chat and you post it on a social networking site before they have the chance.
Rich sent me a cool Photoshop when we were chatting so I chat jacked it and posted it on Facebook.
by CocoSantango July 23, 2010
When one defecates after eating spicy food and it leaves their anus burning.
All those buffalo wings gave me fire hoop.
by CocoSantango September 18, 2010

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