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When a man places his underwear over his partners head and then receives oral sex through the slit in the front of the underwear.
That girl last night blew me but she was really ugly so I gave her a ski mask so I wouldn't have to look at her
by CocoSantango September 18, 2010
A bowel movement that requires more than one roll of toilet paper.
Last time I ate that many chili dogs I had a double roller.
by CocoSantango September 01, 2010
A booger that is dangling on a stray nose hair so it looks as if it is floating in your nostril, moving with every breath.
I let my cousin Rich know that he had a marionette before he had to give the toast at Beth's wedding.
by CocoSantango August 16, 2010
When people get together on the internet and decide to flag someone's youtube videos to get their account closed.
Joey made so many people angry that they flagged out his youtube account.
by CocoSantango September 18, 2010
Someone who is so light skinned, that they are almost translucent much like a baby bird.
Michael is so white that I can see his veins, he's a real baby bird skin.
by CocoSantango September 18, 2010
A person living in Seattle who behaves and thinks that the world is just like Seattle, therefore their behavior is normal/acceptable.
The person who thought that renting any random person's car is a good idea is a real Seatard.
by CocoSantango February 23, 2012
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