Top Definition
a seemingly emo emily
Looky, Looky, here comes Emoly in her Emobile
by Emily March 24, 2004
A girl named Emily. That has been labeled "emo"
Jerk-Hah look at emoly
Idiot-Hah Emoly Good one buddy
by HedCandy November 23, 2007
a term used to describe someone who is birthnamed emily and then in her 16th year of life converts to emoism, and then quickly reverts back.
gosh em, you're so emoly
by ra pie fiend February 08, 2005
extremely emo girl named emily who loves to scissor, though is also constantly eating tons of meat
Emoly: hi i like to be fat and emo at the same time
guy: get the hell away from me, go be emo somewhere else
Emoly: yeah my life's pointless
by lamao August 08, 2008
Emoly can also be used to refer to a girl named Emily who has a greater than average percentage of moles.
Emoly needs to pluck some of those mole hairs.
by Emily September 23, 2004
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