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728 definitions by Chris

giving oral sex to a male person.
other definition for blowjob.
hey girl! get on your knees and ring my bell!
by Chris February 15, 2005
underwear; briefs; panties

The Martha & The Muffins song off the _This Is The Ice Age_ album from the early 1980's entitled "Boy Without Filters" might have been the genesis of the term. Also one needs to include the image and function of cigarette filters and coffee filters.

What they're filtering is left up to the user: gas, sweaty ball odor, snatch stench, overpowering sexual passion, etc.
I gotta buy some new filters. The elastic's shot on this pair.
by Chris February 07, 2005
To have more than one instance of MSN Messenger running simultaneously.
I downloaded MSN Polygamy so I could sign in with 2 different accounts at the same time
by Chris February 22, 2005
A bastardization of "My Two Bits"

The phrase to give ones opinion was orininally 'My Two Bits'... but has been incorrectly proliferated as 'My Two Cents.'
Person 1: "Thats is just my two cents"

Person 2: "You mean, 'My Two Bits' you moron... by misquoting the phrase, you illustrate just how stupid your opinion is anyways."
by Chris July 22, 2006
Group of men who get the credit for what the marines have done. The last time they won anything, it was World War II. They have screwed up everything they have taken part in since then. Thank god for the marines.
The Marines take it, the Army occupies it, the Army loses it, the Marines retake it, the marines occupy it. The war is won, the AMRY secretly says 'Thank gof for the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS'
by Chris January 03, 2005
slav: this is a term for a slaggy chav
A:is she a slag?
B:is she a a chav??
C:noo she's a slav!
by Chris April 26, 2005
Slang meaning no....
Matt: Hey Chris did you do the math?
Chris: Snope
by Chris November 17, 2004