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5 definitions by Chanisson Halberitzky

Your celebrity doppelganger that people would rather bang.
I was totally throwing myself at him, but he went to masturbate to pictures of my doppelbanger.
by Chanisson Halberitzky February 04, 2010
66 27
Like a wing man (fin man) that helps you get laid. Originates from the social practices of some really big whales that are so fat they need a third whale to aid them copulate.
If it wasn't for my third whale I'd never get laid.
by Chanisson Halberitzky February 04, 2010
39 1
Casual vomit. Usually short periods of vomiting that only end up being a minor annoyance. Probably a byproduct of the party you just left.
Guy 1: Dude, we have to get going, what are you waiting for?

Guy 2: Hold on, hold on I just need to tie my shoes and cashvom.
by Chanisson Halberitzky February 17, 2010
29 7
The act of successfully hooking up with someone through facebook.
He wrote on my wall so much I knew we were going to end up facehooking.
by Chanisson Halberitzky February 09, 2010
35 15
The female chestal area, chestuary is the women's equivalent to the family jewels.
I'm so glad I inherited my mom's chestuary!
by Chanisson Halberitzky April 16, 2010
8 0