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A game played by bored 13 + 14 year old girls that like to annoy the people around them. the first quietly whispers the word penis, the next a bit louder and the next a bit louder until someone chickens out because they dont want to go any louder. the person to scream or say penis the loudest wins.
1st: penis
2nd: Penis
3rd: PEnis
4th: PENis
1st: i cant do it
2nd: PENIs
3rd: omgsh.. we're gonna get in trouble
4th: PENIS
2nd: PENIS!
4th: screw it.
by ChRiStY April 19, 2005
Shut up..Wisconsin is cool
It's cool in Wisconsin..it's cooler than Michigan
by Christy June 28, 2003
One of the greatest singers in the world, in my opinion
Sure you can sing, but not like Mariah
by Christy April 02, 2003
Short for honey, a term of endearment
"Hey hon, thanks for the flowers!"
by Christy February 11, 2003
Getting screwed out of a deal
We got shafted out of leaving early
by Christy February 13, 2003
A total fucking idiot
by Christy February 12, 2003
A really masculine lesbian
Her mom is a bulldyke
by Christy February 11, 2003
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