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General slang for a lesbian. It comes from the act of one lesbian 'dunking' ones face into another's 'muff' or vagina.
This is also a term for a guy who eats a lot of pussy.
'Dude, don't... I think she's a muff dunker'

' "Hey I hear Larry's gettin action now!"


"Yeah he's a regular muff dunker!"
by Cayk September 20, 2010
This is the expression used for the type o' guy who has to pay for repairs on the tank that just hit him, the guy who uses helicopter blades when shaving, the world record holder for most lead eaten in under a minute, the guy who's faster than a crack head with a prescription pad, the very same man that had Chuck Norris mow his lawn, the kind o' guy who catches his taxis by hand and the one we all know as Ultimate Badass.
"Wow! That guy just pimp slapped that polar bear!"

"You mean Stephan? Yeah, he's Ultimate Badass"
by Cayk October 28, 2010
A stoner who has previously 'hit white' (when subject to marijuana and turned pale / sick). This then labels said stoner as a 'whitey victim' thus making him subject to victimisation.
The step down from Whitey Victim is the 'Whitey Maid'.
Ahh shut up, Jayk you little whitey victim!
by Cayk September 24, 2010
Slang for pot smoker, usually used by stoners when stoned to hide the fact that they've been 'poking smot'. Often used on facebook status updates by stoners who don't want others to know they're smot pokers.
Stoner - 'Hey, Cindy, are you a smot poker?'

Cindy - 'What?'

Stoner - 'Guess not'
by Cayk November 28, 2010
This is a racial term for a person of black skin or African origins, it is often used because of the racial stereotype of black people looking like monkeys.
Aww fuck, Banana Bandits stole m' sammich!
by Cayk September 20, 2010
This is the 'Whitey Victim''s bitch who is roped into looking after the poor stoner who's 'hit white', often because they threw up in their house and the 'Whitey Maid' is forced to clean it up because the Victim is too lazy.
On the night - 'Jayk, clean up your sick!'

'Nah, I'm gonna sleep instead.'
Days later - 'Jayk, you whitey victim!'

'Shut up Josh, you were my whitey maid!'
by Cayk September 24, 2010

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