31 definitions by Can of Worms

like D \/ D, but poop.
I need to D()()D in the toilet
by Can of Worms November 05, 2006
A rip of skin off your thumb by using a faulty bowling ball. Usually painful.
I got a bowling ball cut yesterday and it's still painful today.
by Can of Worms January 19, 2008
A magic/witchcraft word for 2nd graders.Used in a way like hocus pocus. May be literal.
When I say mucus pukus, you will die.
by Can of Worms November 07, 2006
Ask a question that only a guiness would understand and you'll hear this.
Smart guy:Who are you?

Dumbass:How the hell should I know?
by Can of Worms November 15, 2006
The study of boogers and earwax
I need to pick your nose for my next boogerology experement
by Can of Worms November 09, 2006
Unholy crossbreed of porcupine and pineapple. Grows on trees, has 5 inch spines, is able to roll up in a ball, and is a good source of both vitamin C and protien. Grows up to 1 foot long. Not to be confused with porcupotamus.
I have a pet porcupineapple
by Can of Worms November 07, 2006
Wet is spit, ticky is earwax and slimey is boogers. This is the combination of them.
Check out my wet, sticky, slimey before I eat it
by Can of Worms November 09, 2006

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