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1. ) Incredibly delightful creatures from the book/movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory (Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory if you prefer). With orange skin and green hair, they charmed the hearts of BILLIONS during the 1984 depression. Rumored to be descendants of angels.

2. ) Girls that can oftenly be found in high schools and sororities throughout all of California. With orange skin of their own brought on by excessive use of fake tanner, they resemble the dwarfed creatures mentioned in the above definition. Some people believe this to be sexy. Others would rather shoot themselves in the foot.
1.) Those oompa loompas sure know how to stir the chocolate.

2.) With that tangerine skin, banana hair, and beige sandals, that oompa loompa looks just like an orange albino.
by Caffine Overdose April 30, 2004
Jew I'd Like to Fuck
Oh man, did you see that JILF? That's the biggest bonkin' nose I've seen all year!
by Caffine Overdose March 29, 2004
Apparently the most widely-read magazine in the world. Each article is a beautifully crafted work of fiction, that only senile old people or the truly gullible believe. It is genius. Pure genius.
"BAT BOY fights terrorism with a magic sword"
by Caffine Overdose April 22, 2004
Possibly THE best show on television.
What show is even better than Degrassi? Arrested Developement.
by Caffine Overdose March 29, 2004
A wonderful caffine pill. One goes a long way.
I took some NoDoz and now I can't blink
by Caffine Overdose March 29, 2004
An alternative way of spelling "G-Unit".

Fiddy and the gang orignally chose this spelling, but to their surprise it was trademarked by a group of asian semstresses.
G-Unit = Gee, you knit?
by Caffine Overdose April 27, 2004
This school I go to
Yeah uh huh what now, punk?
by Caffine Overdose April 19, 2004

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