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When you look in a girl's eyes and you just know that bitch is fuckin crazy. Crazy eyes are often found on anywhere from moderately to very attractive girls.
Jordan: I'm going out with that girl Samantha night.

Achmed:Have fun with that psychopath and her fuckin crazy eyes.
by Mufasa's Jungle August 10, 2008
typically found in women, but also found in men. Crazy eyes are detectable when said person is at a normal restful state and the white part of the eye (the sclera) is clearly visible above and below the colored part of the eye (the iris). This person appears to be glaring wide eyed when in fact they are just looking like they normally would.
Steer clear, that lady has crazy eyes.
by notchj July 27, 2009
In the movie life aquatic steve zisou gets crazy eye when his friend esteban is eaten. He gets it again when the pirates come to hijack his boat and then kicks their asses off the boat. Bill Murray is the man!
the guy just kicked the shit out of that pirate, he must have crazy eye
by slop john May 30, 2007
term used to describe the expression and/or demeanor of a man or woman. crazy eyes is a look similar to bedroom eyes- but this expression is more mischievous.

a person with crazy eyes always appears to be having some internal dialogue giving off the impression that he/she is unpredictable or dangerous. those in the company of crazy eyes are kept on their toes and are often intrigued by this look. the thrill of crazy eyes lies in the fact that you never know what will happen next….
by twigee February 18, 2010
Used to intimidate someone, these eyes make it look like someone just smacked you on the back of your head. These eyes always produce a whip sound, as evidenced by the amazing movie "The New Guy". If someone uses these eyes on you, fucking run.
"Don't make me do crazy eyes..." -Dizzy/Gil
by mares has no lamb November 01, 2010
The person with some crazy-ass eyes
The guy who is always looking in places he shouldn't
The person who is always tripping balls
The person who is way better thay grilled cheese
The most ballsiest person you know.
Holy crap, that crazyeyes is totally checking me out!

Whoa crazyeyes, lay off the acid.
by Crazyeyes51 November 02, 2008
What ones eyes look like after habitual drug use; strung out eyes
Tommy Chong's got some fucking crazy eyes
by TheKarateKid yo December 13, 2007
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