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Love Truncheon: the glans penis
He had a love truncheon the size of a donkey.
Q. How could someone with a bonce like yours get to root her?
A. Once I unleashed the love truncheon she knew she couldn't resist.
by Coitdog October 20, 2005
Australian slang: a person who enjoys tampering with canine genitals; a person of ill repute.
The Chairman refused to allow the reknowned dogfondler, Winston Howard, onto the premises.

by Coitdog October 16, 2005
Australian slang for sexual intercourse
We've got a top night planned first we'll watch the footy and get pissed and at half time we'll engage in some horizontal folkdancing.
by Coitdog October 11, 2005
The Thirsty Bulldog was first noticed in Melbourne Australia. It is a male ritual often performed by supporters after a footy match. It involves mooning the opposition fans, but the glans penis must be pushed back through the legs so it becomes wedged between the buttocks. In it's extreme form the "bulldogger" will urinate during the ritual, hence providing the slobbering metaphor of the Thirsty Bulldog.
Scenario 1
Supporter Group 1 "You floggers got thrashed your team is shytte"
Supporter Group 2 "Hey look here we have captured you mother"
At this point Supporter Group 2 appoint themselve to the "Thirsty Bulldog" position.

Scenario 2
Plonker at pub:- "I've tried so hard to crack onto Lynn tonight but she thinks I'm a drunken todger"
Mate of Plonker:- " Hey your too good for her son...let the thirsty bulldog off the leash so she can see what she is missing...she'll soon come grovelling back"

Yeah what a great idea
Plonker then unleashes the thirsty Bulldog.

by COITDOG June 04, 2006
A ringspread is the act of bearing one's buttocks. Usually at any unsuspecting audience. Also known as Mooning but with an emphasised parting of arse cheeks . The ringspread can be modified to be a thirsty bulldog.
This is a true story. A passenger on a bus was going past a used car lot when he saw the salesperson extolling the virtues of some heap of shit car.
The passenger yelled out of the bus window to the folks in the car lot.
" Hey mate that car has an engine that is as good as this...(passenger in bus then bares his arse and pulls the arsecheeks apart ( the ringspread) much to the bewilderment of the salesperson and customer").

Other passengers such as myself roar laughing.
by Coitdog June 19, 2006

Australian slang especially 1920 - 1950. A police informing lowlife criminal with no saving graces. Someone who lives of the earnings of prostitution.
That filthy little fizzgig spends to much time sucking cop schlong for his own good.
by Coitdog October 17, 2005

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