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your head
ouch, me bonce!
by stevio June 11, 2003
249 44
brainbox, brainy person.
You got an "A", you bonce!
by Chaos Eject July 06, 2012
12 11
to bonce somebody
this involves a sharp blow to the bonce using the fist. often accompanined with the word "bonce" or followed by "i bonced u good"

the louder the scream the better the boncing
"argh u bonced me"
by Alex Ward February 26, 2004
33 57
when something is in like seriously cool hot sexy fit buff
that outfit iss sooo bonce
by urbangirl December 29, 2007
54 80
cool, to enjoy, something you say to replace awesome when one is drunk and/or high
Dude, this spicy chicken sandwich from
Wendy's is fuckin bonce
by matt steiner May 18, 2005
9 61
To leave with style. Modern equivalent of riding into the sunset.

Evolution of the word "bounce".
Lets bonce outta here.

We bonced like it was hot.
by Koji Frahm November 03, 2004
13 67
a bonce is to insult somebody about have a small sexual part.
you bonce, you have a small cock
by aaron grundy April 12, 2004
9 65