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Federal Communications Commission. Media regulator that went into overdrive after the wardrobe malfunction and increased censoring to an all time high. See totalitarian, evil, communist.
"Are we watching Soviet controlled TV, or did the FCC get drunk with power again?"
by Burt Reynolds April 08, 2004
To collapse in on ones self, to explode inwards. Also, to fail miserably at something.
Shit, i fucking imploded on that math test.
by Burt Reynolds February 26, 2003
the fluids that leak from ones bum creating a nasty stench in your underwear and sometimes skid marks
I was scratching my ass and to my disgust my finger was covered in jobby juice
by Burt Reynolds February 18, 2005
An implosion and an explosion happening at the same time, therefore cancelling each other out.
The guy was sitting there, ploding.
by Burt Reynolds February 26, 2003
Something that you call someone, very much akin to |assfarmer|.
Dammit Quincy, you are such an asspicnic
by Burt Reynolds April 08, 2003
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