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A name for an extremely great and powerful thing that conquers all else. It can use all kinds of SUPER weapons mainly explosions. No plode is bad.
LOOK!!! A Plode.

What's his name?
by Ron Billson March 26, 2008
The act of existing, To not be imploding or exploding. When an object exists without being destroyed.
Not exploding or imploding.

"Oh dude did you see Kevin plode today?"
"yeah he was just kickin it..."
by TheMadSilentist October 11, 2009
An implosion and an explosion happening at the same time, therefore cancelling each other out.
The guy was sitting there, ploding.
by Burt Reynolds February 26, 2003
any hipster or indie not posessing an origional thought or idea. those who feed off subcultures and suck them dry. the scourge of newtown, and the death of both good fashion and good music
look at that plode faggots fixie bike!!
by D.P Enkarso May 01, 2011
representing any swear word when not approate to swear.
"Look it's Mrs. Jane," said Ryan
"Oh no i hate that PLODE," said Kyle
by Ryan Hershberger June 28, 2005
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