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To do something really well, to have a good time.
Are you gonna have party?
Yeah, big style!
by f September 08, 2003
Big style is a word to express excitement, express happiness and express arse
Me da: that joint was lethal, yeah?

Me: yeah yeah yeah, Big style
by JohnnyCarmo March 29, 2013
An attitude, philosophy, or in some cases a way of life that maintains a very chill style, and a total disregard for others. To attempt to explain it any further is impossible, and the only way to truly understand it is to immerse yourself into it. The creation of Big style is often credited to Erik Knisely, although Cody Godfrey (Moky) popularized it.
There is no definite example of Big style. Signs of it could include violence, or the absence of a driveway.
by BigStyleEnthusiast March 23, 2011

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